• Can I buy direct?

    Kent Cartridge does not sell direct to individuals. You can find online dealers by going to our Where To Buy page.

  • What is Kent Tungsten Matrix®?

    Tungsten Matrix® is a patented blend of pure tungsten powder in a polymer matrix that was specifically developed to match the physical and ballistic properties of premium quality lead shot. For more information on Tungsten Matrix® refer to our waterfowl or upland versions on the web site.

  • What is Kent Diamond Shot®?

    A process that results in highly polished lead. Tested against standard lead shot it has resulted in better penetration and patterning.

  • Where can I buy on line?

    You can buy from any of our dealers located on our Where To Buy page.

  • Why aren’t there any prices on your web page?

    We do not have any prices listed on our web page because we do not sell direct to the public.

  • Do you offer rebates?

    We do not offer rebates on our products. They are already priced year round at the best value for your money in the industry.

  • Can I get a product brochure?

    Yes by simply filling out the form on our Where To Buy page.

  • How can I become a dealer?

    Please call us at (888)311-5368 and we can set you up with your sales representative’s name and phone number. If you are in Canada call our Canadian Sales Office at (800)844-1880.

  • Do you ship outside the United States?

    If you are in Canada you can call our Canadian sales office for purchasing information, (800)844-1880. We however do not ship to any other countries. Our sister division, Gamebore, in Hull, England handles the rest of the world outside of North America. Check their web site at www.gamebore.com

  • What does Nitro-proof mean?

    The term “NITRO PROOFED” stamped on shotgun barrels indicates that in the United States the manufacturer or in Europe a government proof house has verified that the gun may be safely used with the shotshells of the correct gauge and chamber length containing “smokeless” or progressive burning powders. A maximum shot charge may also be specified. NOTE: Nitro-proofing dates back to the late 19th century when black powder and Damascus twist steel barrels were still in common use. Any older shotgun should be checked by a qualified gunsmith before using with modern shotshells.

  • Do you still make the old Activ shells?

    No, Kent purchased the Activ facilities but we do not manufacture any Activ product nor have any Activ components.

  • Are Kent shells water proof?

    No, like all shotshells Kent shells are not water proof. They are water resistant.

  • Can you import Gamebore 10 gauge shells?

    No, we only import the Gamebore hunting products and target products listed on the Gamebore section of our web site.

  • Do you have plans on manufacturing a 10 gauge shell?

    At this time Kent does not plan on manufacturing 10 gauge.

  • Do you have any reloading data available?

    No, we do not have data available nor do we make components available for sale.

  • What type of wads do you use?

    We use B & P wads.

  • What type of hulls do you use?

    We use Cheddite hulls.

  • Can I get a sponsorship with Kent?

    At this time we are not sponsoring any new shooters.

  • How can I get product donations for my upcoming event?

    Kent includes donations and charity events in its budget each year. Once our budget reaches its limit we must decline any additional requests which we are sure you understand. Please send all requests for donations to us on letterhead and mail them to:

    Kent Cartridge
    P.O. Box 849
    Kearneysville, WV 25430

  • Where are your shells manufactured?

    We manufacture our shells in Kearneysville, West Virginia.