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Consistent patterning, balanced shot-string, less recoil, superior penetration, and retained energy. It all adds up to how your day ends and what you expect from us when it begins. Kent Waterfowl products are proven performers day in and day out.


Whether you hunt the open plains of the United States, in Europe or Britain, whether the birds are pheasant, chukkar, bobwhites, grouse or woodcock... Kent’s Upland range of products outperforms. With “drop dead” performance and consistency a day in the field means a bird in the hand.


Kent high-performance turkey loads are some of the finest, most reliable and consistently patterning loads available. Turkey hunters know you only get one shot.




Velocity® combines the experience of our Gamebore® world champions and the unique competitive requirements of North American sport shooters. The result is our Velocity® Diamond Shot® and Velocity® Precision Steel® target loads. Velocity® provides the performance you need for a consistent competitive advantage for any clay
shooting challenge.


Introducing our FiveStar™ Rifled Deer Slug.


Last year we introduced our very first Deer Slug and the response was incredible. This year we are proud to offer a revised and updated coated rifled slug. Our FiveStar™ Rifled Deer Slug is effective in both smooth and rifled bores, and will give you consistently tight groups while reducing lead fouling in your gun.


Kent’s field blanks have proven themselves in competition year after year. The clean report and consistent performance of these blanks has made ProTrial® the professional’s choice.


The discerning shooter knows that not just any off-the-shelf cartridge is acceptable for their cherished fine-grade shotgun. The purest and traditional shooter can experience authentic paper hulls and fibre wads while enjoying the modern day performance of a Kent-Gamebore shotshell.

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