• WOW!! I’ve really been impressed with the performance of the Fasteel 3″ #1’s. Ducks drop stone dead in the water and Monday we shot a 3 man limit of geese (2 each). – R. Toker
  • Velocity and ballistic integrity are what put birds in the bag. Kent FastLead has both. I need all the help I can get when a big ringneck flushes in front of me. FastLead is my insurance of a successful hunt. – Scott Linden
  • Cut one open and you find uniform, perfectly round steel pellets for good pattern performance. They kill ducks and geese and they are affordable. What more could you ask for? – Phil Bourjaily
  • I am a dedicated and passionate waterfowl hunter who demands a reliable shotgun shell, and through my many years of hunting experience I have found that no other shell performs as well as the Kent Fast Steel shotgun shells. I have tried several other brands, but none have the same reliability, accuracy, and knock down power I need to get the job done time and time again like Kent Cartridge does. That is why I refuse to shoot anything other than Kent on every single one of my hunts.- Alex Setter
  • My friend and I had been going chuckar hunting up on his ranch for a couple of years. As chuckar hunting goes we spent a lot of time walking and little killing. The birds always seemed to always jump just out of reach of our shot. There were even times when we would see feathers fly but not birds drop. So we started looking around for the best lead shot that we could find. One day I ran across Kent Fastlead and decided that it was the best I had seen and we tried it. It was amazing how our success rates went up. We can drop birds from farther away than ever now. We are amazed by this shot and will continue to use it whenever we need some heavy-duty long range killing to be done. – Andrew Miles
  • I began shooting Kent fast steel last year and have continued throughout this season. I am amazed time and time again the absolute fantastic performance of your product. I have been hunting waterfowl for eight years and in the last eight years have found almost nothing that competes day in and day out with your product. I did not know if you are possibly looking for or taking on field staff and what kind of process it takes to apply for such a privilege. I appreciate your time and thank you for the great product. – Evan Oswald
  • Where to begin. I have used Kent Fast Steel for approx 7yrs. After testing numerous other rounds i REFUSE to shoot anything but Kent. I shoot 3″ 1 1/8 ounce BB through a patternmaster. I have had some of the greastest and flat out impressive shots with this round. When i first switched to Kent i noticed a dramatic decrease in cripples plus i can’t complain about the price. Best load by far (in my experienced personal opinion) for ducks and geese. After my loyality to Kent Fast Steel i was faced with another fork in the road. This year before my 13th annual Pheasnt trip i was searching for something to shoot. A nice gentlemen at Rogers Sporting Goods brought Kent Fast Lead to my attention. I purchased a case of 2.75″ 1 3/8 ounce 5 shot Fast Lead. I have shot Fiocchi, Federal, Winchester, and Remingtons. This years Pheasant trip was one for the books. After killing my four bird limit in the first 300yrds of walking with zero cripples. I decided i was finding a way to let Kent know how overly impressed i am with their product. I DO NOT fill out testimonial for free gear never have. This is a first but it is so very neccessary to put this out there to continue this AMAZING product. Keep it up Kent. – Mark Helt


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