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New for 2015 – Kent’s Fast Lead® DIAMOND SHOT® UPLAND 3″ Pheasant 20g Model

Upland and pheasant shooting is a challenging experience. These loads are designed to perform in just about any situation you or your dog can handle. Shooting experience in Europe, Britain, and the United States were combined with our patented Diamond Shot® to satisfy the needs of serious bird hunters.




ICTSF 2013 World Sporting Championships

This year, Canada will be host to the 2013 ICTSF World Championships in Cambridge, Ontario. 
Some of the worlds top shooters will be attending this event, sponsored by Kent Gamebore. 

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A selection of both Kent and Gamebore cartridges will be available to purchase at Galt Sportsmans Club for the ICTSF World Sporting Championships.
Please email Dan Banting at dbanting@kentgamebore.imaginationplus.local if you’d like to reserve cartridges in advance. 




New for 2013 – Kent’s FiveStar™ Rifled Deer Slug®

Last year we introduced our very first Deer Slug and the response was incredible. This year we are proud to offer a revised and updated coated rifled slug. Our NEW FiveStar™ Rifled Deer Slug® is effective in both smooth and rifled bores, and will give you consistently tight groups while reducing lead fouling in your gun.






New for 2013 – TealSteel® Precision Steel™  

Last season, we introduced Kent TealSteel® to a limited number of our Southwestern hunters. They had asked for a teal shotshell load, and frankly, we thought it was a good idea. TealSteel® quickly sold out, and so positive was the response that we decided to launch it nationally. Fasteel® is considered one of the best all-around steel waterfowling loads ever made, and TealSteel® follows firmly in those footsteps. Utilizing Kent’s proven Fasteel® technology and Precision Steel™ shot, hunters now have a teal and small game shotshell made just for them.


FiveStar Penetrator® Turkey

Kent innovates with the introduction of a hybrid Turkey load containing our proven Diamond Shot® lead and Tungsten Matrix® non-toxic shot in perfectly balanced #5’s. Already it’s proving to be a formidable combination.

  • 50/50 Blend of Tungsten Matrix® and Diamond Shot®
  • 5×5 Ballistic Perfection provided by equal measures of #5 pellets – the turkey hunter’s first choice in shot size
  • Tungsten Matrix® guarantees dense, lethal center core patterns
  • Reduces shot stringing for maximum energy at point of impact
  • True Turkey Choke performance that can be adapted to every hunting situation

Continuing to make headlines: Kent Silversteel®

Since being introduced in 2011, Silversteel® has performed exceptionally to gain high regard with waterfowl hunters. Developed from Fasteel®, Silversteel® packs an extra punch that you will quickly find both impressive and effective. Our testimonial page says it all.